Do we really need to use a Realtor to sell our home in this HOT market?

If you are looking to maximize your sale and minimize your effort, you need to work with a real estate professional.  It can be very tempting in a seller's market like today, to list your home on your own - commonly referred to as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO). However, the truth is a good Realtor, can save you money and also time, by managing the process.  

Here are five reasons why working with a good Realtor is your best bet to maximize the sale of your home.

1. First Impressions really do count. Prepping a house for sale requires a significant amount of time and effort, even though it may seem simple at first glance. An agent considers things that stand out to buyers like: depersonalizing, what landscaping needs to be done to boost curb appeal, what colors are most appealing and how to make photos look amazing. An expert real estate advisor relies on their experience to make sure you don't waste your time and money on the wrong things.

2. Good Realtors know how to maximize the number of views obtained online. Put plainly, the more buyers that view your house, the better your return will be. In our current market, homes are receiving 3.8 offers on average per sale, according to recent data from National Association of Realtors (NAR). While that sound promising, understanding your agents role to bring buyers in is  important. Agents have a variety of different tools from social media to agency resources.  Leveraging these tools helps to boost your sales price.

3. A Great Realtor won't miss anything in the fine print.  Your agent takes the guesswork out of navigating the required documentation.  Today, more disclosures and regulations are mandatory, meaning the number of legal documents you need to juggle is growing. This is where expert guidance and negotiation shine saving you from costly mishaps.

4. Expert advisors know the market and have a better insight into the right pricing strategy. Pricing your home right has proven to be the number 1 way to increase your views.  A good Realtor has experience to compare your home to recently sold homes in your area.  They also understand the market at large and can factor in any upgrades you've completed to your home.  Combining these factors is the key to making sure your home is priced to move quickly at a competitive price.

5. Expert negotiations. Every single aspect of a contract can be negotiated and an expert know how to WIN on your behalf.  It's not just about how to interpret the language in the contract, but how to best deal with the other party and creating a strategy to advocate on your behalf. The people you hire do matter!  How good is your inspector, what are the title company fees, how well can your agent lobby with the appraiser?  The experience of the agent helps them determine the right move during negotiations.  

Selling your home as a FSBO means you'll need to make these decisions without the experience and expertise of an expert advisor. Bottom line is that selling a home takes time, effort and experience. If you truly want to maximize the sale of your home, work with a trusted real estate professional.

Elise Sessions, Broker associate of The Harrison Wade Group

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